How do I enrol?

It's easy... just complete our online enrolment form and someone from the Swim Solutions Team will be in touch.

If you'd rather ask a few questions first, please contact us and ask away!

How do I pay?

Once your enrolment is confirmed you will receive an invoice via email with a number of payment options listed.  We also have EFTPOS facilities  available at both venues.

If you'd like to set up an ezidebit payment plan at no additional cost* download a form and either drop it into the pool or return it to:

Aspley - aspley@swimsolutions.com.au

Boondall - boondall@swimsolutions.com.au

* Please note - additional fees are charged by ezidebit and by Swim Solutions for payments that are dishonoured

Please make sure you pay in full by the due date to avoid incurring the administration fee.

What is the administration fee?

Swim Solutions invoices will incur a late fee to cover the administration costs of chasing outstanding payments. However if you pay your swimming fees in full before the due date this will not be applied to your account.

As always if there extenuating circumstance, and you have discussed these with us in advance, we will make arrangements for payment to help you avoid this additional fee.

Why don't Swim Solutions guarantee make-up lessons and why are they limited?

Swim Solutions is one of the few remaining swim schools to offer make-up lessons.  We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality instruction and customer service at an affordable price.  We'd love to be able to offer unlimited make-up classes but we are also very aware of keeping lesson prices as low as possible.

In order to add additional classes for more make-up lesson flexibility, we would have to schedule extra hours for teachers and our managers, and to do this we'd have to offset the additional expense by increasing prices - something we're not willing to do.

We feel that offering make-up lessons where existing spaces exist and adding an occasional advertised make-up day is the best compromise for everyone :)



If we can't make our booked session, why can't we just come on another day?

There are a few reasons why we can't offer unlimited flexibility to change your days and times.

  1. Many of our classes are already full booked, so there aren't 'spaces' to add another swimmer.
  2. In our Learn to Swim classes we cap the number of swimmers in order to maximise the learning potential of each child.  Adding an extra swimmer to the group is unfair to everyone in an overloaded class.  Imagine your own frustration if your child had an extra swimmer in the class at every lesson.
  3. Our squad numbers are capped for safety.  Allowing swimmers to chop and change days without seeking approval first, impacts on our ability to monitor swimmer numbers and therefore safety.
  4. Our coaches put a lot of time and effort into planning their sessions, often based on which swimmers will be in attendance.  Too much disruption and many additional swimmers makes it difficult for our coaches to achieve their program goals (which are also based on the swimmers' goals).

How do I get feedback about my child's progress?

It's really important that you and your swimmer/s make yourself known to our Program Managers - Pam at Aspley and Kimbra at Boondall - signing in at the office together is a great way to say hi!

Wherever possible Pam and Kimbra will discuss your child's progress with you, particularly when it's time for your swimmer to change levels.  If you ever have any questions we encourage you to talk them, and if they don't have the answer immediately they will liaise with your child's teacher to find out what you need to know.

Please try to avoid approaching your child's teacher on pool deck; as they will usually have another class to teach and their attention needs to remain on the children who are in the water.

Can I book for part of a term?

Generally bookings must be made for a whole term, however should a swimmer enrol after the commencement of a block, pro-rata fees will be applied. For information about cancellations please visit our policies page to view our booking terms and conditions.

Please note - many sessions are fully booked before classes commence, so it is not advisable to leave enrolling until the last minute!!

What equipment do we need?

Children enrolled into Learn to Swim classes only require a swimming cap.  Goggles are a personal choice but we find many children like to use them once they are submerging for longer periods of time.  More information about the use of goggles in our lessons can be found  here.

Please confirm with your child's coach their requirements but as a guide squad swimmers require the following:

  • Transition / Novice / Development Squads - Cap, goggles, fins (flippers)
  • Junior Squad - Cap, goggles, fins
  • Senior Squads - Cap, goggles, fins & hand paddles

All squad swimmers should have their equipment clearly named and stored in a mesh kit bag.

Swim Solutions sells all the equipment that swimmers require at the pool very competitive prices.




Why do the teachers sometimes change?

Unlike many traditional swim schools where lessons can run throughout the day, Swim Solutions programs operate out of State School pools, which means we only run 1.5 - 2 hours of lessons at a time.  This can sometimes mean that finding suitable teachers who are happy to take on such short shifts can be a challenge.

The Swim Solutions team is made-up of teachers from all backgrounds, ages and experience but one thing they all have in common is that they absolutely love what they do when they are in the pool!  Most of our teachers have other jobs or attend university, so sometimes their other commitments require some flexibility, which means that another member of the team will step in to help out.

All of our team are fully qualified swim teachers, with many holding multiple qualifications and specialties.  Our team communicates regularly to share ideas and teaching strategies so that our program is delivered consistently.  We do our best to avoid disruption but as you can imagine this is sometimes unavoidable.


What happens if we can't get to our swim session?

Please visit our policies page to view our booking terms and conditions which include information about absences and make-up classes.